You Asked For It…

I’m not sure what it is about the “limelight”, everyone seems to want a piece of it, but not everyone knows the responsibility of what comes with fame, fortune, and notoriety!!!

Take for instance our fav love to hate teenage heartthrob Justin Beiber!

Long gone is the sweet and innocent pleas of being his baby. Now, he seems to be all about money, drugs, fast cars, and, well you know the rest! I understand he’s young and wants to have fun. I was young once! But egging your neighbor’s house, speeding through your family friendly ultra luxe neighborhood, drag racing, and smoking on Keisha and her BFF Molly?! Now you’re doing too much! The rise and fall of pop stars is as common as sunrise and sunset. I just heard his plane is being held in New Jersey because of a “strong odor” He really needs to chill before customs snatches away his visa and burns it! You forgot he’s not a citizen of the US didn’t you?! I’ve said this, and I’ll say it again, he needs a good A$$ WHOOPIN’! Get me a switch!

Ok Justin, you may be lean and trim now, but a few more years you’ll look like a Sweating to the Oldies reject!


Speaking of an a$$ whoopin, talk about someone who is really asking for it, George Zimmerman is supposedly setting up a boxing match for himself.

Who’s his opponent you ask? No one has been confirmed yet, although there are reports claiming Cali rapper, The Game has stepped up and said he wants in the ring with Zimmerman. I’m sure you don’t need an introduction on who George Zimmerman is, if you do, first of all…SLAP YOURSELF! Then, Google him because I don’t have the energy to go through this fool’s background! I will say that I’ve never seen anyone fight so hard to stay relevant! You would think after everything he’s been through, he would want to lay low! NOPE, not this dumb a$$! You know what’s even sadder, the more the media m (i.e., including me, yes, I count myself as media!) keeps talking about him, the more he’ll stay in the ever present “limelight”.

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